Helper for a formatted timestamp using » date() format codes.

Default format is "Y-m-d H:i:s".

Note that this helper is timezone-aware. For example, if all your input timestamps are in the GMT timezone, but you want to show them as being in the America/Chicago timezone, you can set these config keys:

$config['Solar_View_Helper_Timestamp']['tz_origin'] = 'GMT';
$config['Solar_View_Helper_Timestamp']['tz_output'] = 'America/Chicago';

Then when you call call the timestamp helper, it will move the input time back by 5 hours (or by 6, during daylight savings time) and output that instead of the GMT time.

This works for arbitrary timezones, so you can have your input times in any timezone and convert them to any other timezone.

Note that Solar_View_Helper_Date and Solar_View_Helper_Time descend from this helper, so you only need to set the timezone configs in one place (i.e., for this helper).


This class is part of the Solar_View_Helper package.


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Outputs a formatted timestamp using » date() format codes.