Abstract base class for all Solar objects.

This is the class from which almost all other Solar classes are extended. Solar_Base is relatively light, and provides ...

  • Construction-time reading of config file options for itself, and merging of those options with any options passed for instantation, along with the class-defined config defaults, into the Solar_Base::$_config property.

  • A Solar_Base::locale() convenience method to return locale strings.

  • A Solar_Base::_exception() convenience method to generate exception objects with translated strings from the locale file

Note that you do not define config defaults in $_config directly; instead, you use a protected property named for the class, with an underscore prefix. For exmple, a "Vendor_Class_Name" class would define the default config array in "$_Vendor_Class_Name". This convention lets child classes inherit parent config keys and values.


This class is part of the Solar package.

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Default destructor; does nothing other than provide a safe fallback for calls to parent::__destruct().


Convenience method for getting a dump the whole object, or one of its properties, or an external variable.


Looks up class-specific locale strings based on a key.