Helper for a 'timestamp' pseudo-element.

For an element named 'foo[bar]', builds a series of selects:

  • foo[bar][Y] : {:y_first} - {:y_last}

  • foo[bar][m] : 01-12

  • foo[bar][d] : 01-31

  • foo[bar][H] : 00-24

  • foo[bar][i] : 00-59

This helper makes use of two extra element information keys: y_first to determine the first year shown, and y_last as the last year shown. The default values are -4 years from the current year, and +4 years from the current year, respectively.


This class is part of the Solar_View_Helper_Form package.


Configuration Keys

  • y_first: The default year to show first in the year options. Defaults to four years before the current year.

  • y_last: The default year to show last in the year options. Defaults to four years after the current year.



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Helper for a 'timestamp' pseudo-element.


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