5.1. Introduction

View and layout scripts are responsible for displaying content in the browser, typically as, but not limited to (X)HTML. Views are generally specific to a controller action. For example, an action method such as actionIndex() would display its output in a view called index.php. Layouts, on the other hand, are typically shared by the entire application and wrap around a controller's view. A layout usually contains the header, footer, navigation, and the content area where the controller's view output is displayed.

5.1.1. Assumptions

This chapter builds on the blog demo from chapter one and assumes that you

  • have a working Solar system installed,

  • understand the basic configuration, and

  • have the blog demo from chapter one setup and working.

5.1.2. Notes

  • All URLs in this chapter use the "cleaner" URLs as outlined at the end of chapter one. If you are not using the clean URLs, remember that http://localhost/blog/read/1 is equivalent to http://localhost/index.php/blog/read/1.

  • All examples are based on the localhost domain. Adjust your code accordingly.

  • SYSTEM refers to the location where Solar is installed.

  • vim may be shown as the text editor. Use whichever editor you are comfortable with.