8.9. Make A CLI Command

./script/solar make-cli Vendor_Cli_CommandName [--extends=Vendor_App_ParentClass]

This command is the CLI equivalent of making a web application page controller. It creates a command that can be executed via ./script/vendor command-name, along with the necessary support files and directories.

$ $ ./script/solar make-cli Vendor_Cli_CommandName
Making CLI command.
Creating CLI directory.
Creating CLI Info directory.
Creating CLI Locale directory.
CLI class 'Vendor_Cli_CommandName' extends 'Vendor_Controller_Command'.
Preparing to write to '/Users/pmjones/Sites/proxima/include/'.
Writing CLI class.
Writing locale file.
Writing help file.
Writing options file.

By default, the command will extend from Vendor_Controller_Command, which itself was created by make-vendor earlier. However, if you pass --extends=Vendor_Cli_ParentClass, it will extend from the named class instead.