A.3. Base Class

The Solar_Base class is a lightweight base class from which all other Solar classes descend (not including exceptions, which descend from the Solar_Exception class). This base class provides ...

  • A standard __construct() method that reads from the config file, then combines the instantiation-time constructor parameters with the default config values for the class.

  • A $_config property to collect configuration values for the class and its parents.

  • An _exception() method for finding and returning exceptions with localized message text.

  • A locale() method for finding and returning localized text strings.

A.3.1. Extending the Base Class

When you extend from the Solar_Base class, make sure the only constructor parameter is $config = null (this is how it receives instantiation-time configuration values) and that it calls the parent constructor at some point (with the $config parameter passed up the chain).

For example:

class Solar_Example extends Solar_Base {

    // default config values
    protected $_Solar_Example = array(
        'opt_1' => 'foo',
        'opt_2' => 'bar',
        'opt_3' => 'baz'
    // constructor
    public function __construct($config = null)
        // pre-parent setup code
        // ...

        // parent construction

        // post-parent setup
        // ...