Properties existing in the Solar_Sql_Model_Related class.



(string|array) Fetch these columns for the related records.


(string|array) Additional conditions when fetching related records.


(string) Aliases the foreign table to this name.

Default is the relationship name.


(string) The class name of the foreign model.

Default is the first matching class for the relationship name, as loaded from the parent class stack.


(string) The name of the column to join with in the foreign table.

This forms one-half of the relationship. Default is per association type.


(string) The virtual element called foreign_key automatically populates the native_col or foreign_col value for you, based on the association type.

This will be used only when native_col and foreign_col are not set.


(string) The virtual element called foreign_name automatically sets the foreign_class by looking up the foreign_name in the model catalog.

The virtual element is used only when foreign_class is not set.


(string) The name of the foreign primary column.


(string) The name of the table for the foreign model.

Default is the table specified by the foreign model.


(string) Indicates the strategy to use for merging joined rows; 'server' means the database will do it via a single SELECT combined into the native fetch, whereas 'client' means PHP will do it, using one additional SELECT for the relationship.


(string) The name of the relationship as defined by the original (native) model.


(string) The alias for the native table.


(string) What strategy should be used for connecting to native records when eager-fetching: 'wherein', meaning a "WHERE IN (...)" a list of native IDs, or 'select', meaning a join against a sub-SELECT.


(string) The class of the native model.


(string) The native column to match against the foreign primary column.


(string|array) Additional ORDER clauses when fetching related records.


(string) The type of the relationship as defined by the original (native) model; e.g., 'has_one', 'belongs_to', 'has_many'.


(string) When picking a native-by strategy, use 'wherein' for up to this many record in the native result; after this point, use a 'select' strategy.



(array) Collection point for configuration values.

Inherited from Solar_Base.

Note that you do not define config defaults in $_config directly.

protected $_config = array(
    'foo' => 'bar',
    'baz' => 'dib',

Instead, define config defaults in a protected property named for the class, withan underscore prefix.

For exmple, a "Vendor_Class_Name" class would define the default config array in "$_Vendor_Class_Name". This convention lets child classes inherit parent config keys and values.

protected $_Vendor_Class_Name = array(
    'foo' => 'bar',
    'baz' => 'dib',


(Solar_Sql_Model) An instance of the foreign (related) model.


(Solar_Inflect) The registered Solar_Inflect object.


(Solar_Sql_Model) An instance of the native (origin) model that defined this relationship.