public string Solar_Sql_Adapter::quoteMulti ( array $list , string $sep = NULL )

Quote multiple text-and-value pieces.


  • (array) $list: A series of key-value pairs where the key is the placeholder text and the value is the value to be quoted into it. If the key is an integer, it is assumed that the value is piece of literal text to be used and not quoted.

  • (string) $sep: Return the list pieces separated with this string (for example ' AND '), default null.


  • (string) An SQL-safe string composed of the list keys and quoted values.


Quote multiple text-and-value pieces.

The placeholder is a question-mark; all placeholders will be replaced with the quoted value. For example ...

$sql = Solar::factory('Solar_Sql');

$list = array(
     "WHERE date > ?"   => '2005-01-01',
     "  AND date < ?"   => '2005-02-01',
     "  AND type IN(?)" => array('a', 'b', 'c'),
$safe = $sql->quoteMulti($list);

// $safe = "WHERE date > '2005-01-02'
//          AND date < 2005-02-01
//          AND type IN('a','b','c')"