static public array Solar_Config::fetch ( mixed $spec = NULL )

Fetches config file values.


  • (mixed) $spec: A config specification.


  • (array) A config array.


Fetches config file values.

Note that this method is overloaded by the variable type of $spec ...

  • null|false (or empty) -- This will not load any new configuration values; you will get only the default Solar_Config::$_store array values defined in the Solar class.

  • string -- The string is treated as a path to a Solar.config.php file; the return value from that file will be used for Solar_Config::$_store.

  • array -- This will use the passed array for the Solar_Config::$_store values.

  • object -- The passed object will be cast as an array, and those values will be used for Solar_Config::$_store.