6.9. Locale Strings

When working with form objects through models, views, and controllers, the locale strings come from *three* locations: the model locale file, the controller locale file, and the filter locale file.

6.9.1. Model Strings

When you call the record's newForm() method, it will generate labels and descriptions for the form elements from the LABEL_* and DESCR_* keys from the *model* locale file. This is because it is the model record generating the form object.

6.9.2. Controller Strings

When you add fieldsets, groups, etc. in the view, the locale strings come from the *controller* locale file. This is because you are no longer operating inside the model record; you are in a view being generated by the controller.

6.9.3. Invalid Strings

When a record has an invalid property, its invalidation message normally comes from the the filter locale file. If a validation filter ValidateAlpha on a property column_name fails, then the translation key will be INVALID_VALIDATE_ALPHA. You can override these validation-specific messages in your vendor-specific filter locale file.

Alternatively, you can provide an override translation key for invalid model properties based on the property name. In the model locale file, if you have INVALID_COL_NAME, that translation key will be used any time the property is invalid, no matter which validation filter fails for that property.