8.12. Make Wiki-Like Documentation

./script/solar make-docs Vendor [--lint] --package-dir=/path/to/package-output --class-dir=/path/to/class-output [--docbook-dir=/path/to/docbook-output]

This command examines the docblock comments for all classes in the named Vendor in SYSTEM/include/ directory. It then generates wiki-like documentation files for each class, including information about its constants, configuration, properties and methods. These wiki files can then be read by web applcations to present them, or by CLI scripts to further transform them into other formats.

The documentation generated for the classes will be saved in the directory specified by --class-dir. The package documentation will be saved in the directory specified by --package-dir. If the optional --docbook-dir tag is passed, the wiki-like documentation files will be transformed into DocBook sources suitable for processing by the PHP Documentation Project PhD processor or another DocBook processor.

As part of the documentation generating process, the command will emit warnings when class docblocks appear incomplete. If you want to check the source documentation completeness without generating any files, pass the --lint option.

The parser recognizes a subset of JavaDoc/PhpDoc tags as defined in Solar_Docs_Phpdoc. The narrative text for comments uses the markup rules defined by Solar_Markdown_Apidoc. For examples, see the Solar codebase itself.