1.1. Introduction

This is Solar's version of the ubiquitous "build a blog" tutorial that is so popular among the framework crowd. Please note that it is for demonstration purposes only. It is not secure and shows a only a very small subset of Solar features. Please be sure to read the rest of the manual for substantial in-depth information about Solar.

In this demo tutorial, you will:

  • Download and install a new Solar system;

  • Make a vendor-space for working in the system;

  • Configure the system;

  • Make a model from a database table;

  • Make a basic application;

  • Add application actions and views to:

    • Browse all public articles,

    • Read one article,

    • Browse all draft articles,

    • Edit one article,

    • Add a new article,

    • Delete an article;

  • Set locale strings for the application; and

  • Set up a virtual host for a cleaner URI.