1.6. Make a Basic Application

Now that you have a model to work with, we will make a basic application. It won't do much to begin with; later, we will add actions to browse, read, edit, add, and delete articles.

At the command line, in the SYSTEM directory, issue the make-app command to create the basic application class and its support directories.

$ ./script/solar make-app Acme_App_Blog
Making app.
Creating app directory.
Creating app Layout directory.
Creating app Locale directory.
Creating app Public directory.
Creating app View directory.
App class 'Acme_App_Blog' extends 'Acme_Controller_Page'.
Preparing to write to 'SYSTEM/include/'.
Writing app class.
Writing locale file.
Making public symlinks for 'Acme_App_Blog' ...
    Making public directory docroot/public/Acme/App ... done.
    Making public symlink for Acme_App_Blog ... done.
... done.

Now you can browse to the basic app at http://localhost/index.php/blog.