Manipulates and generates action URI strings.

This class is functionally identical to Solar_Uri, except that it automatically adds a prefix to the "path" portion of all URIs. This makes it easy to work with front-controller and page-controller URIs.

Use the Solar_Uri_Action::$_config key for 'path' to specify the path prefix leading to the front controller, if any.


This class is part of the Solar_Uri package.


Configuration Keys

  • host: A host to use as default. Generally needed only for specific URI subclasses, for example Solar_Uri_Public.

  • path: A path prefix specifically for actions. If Apache has used SetEnv SOLAR_URI_ACTION_PATH /, then that is the default value for this item; otherwise, the default value is "/index.php".

  • uri: Calls set() with this URI string at construct-time, instead of loading from the current URI.



Public Properties

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The dot-format extension of the last path element (for example, the "rss" in "feed.rss").


The fragment portion (for example, the "foo" in "#foo").


The host specification (for example, 'example.com').


The password, if any.


The path portion (for example, 'path/to/index.php').


The port number (for example, '80').


The scheme (for example 'http' or 'https').


The username, if any.

Public Methods

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Default destructor; does nothing other than provide a safe fallback for calls to parent::__destruct().


Implements access to $_query by reference so that it appears to be a public $query property.


Implements the virtual $query property.


Converts the URI object to a string and returns it.


Convenience method for getting a dump the whole object, or one of its properties, or an external variable.


Returns a URI based on the object properties.


Returns a path suitable for the front controller to parse (i.e., without the prefix for subdirectory-based installations).


Returns the path array as a string, including the format.


Returns the query portion as a string.


Looks up class-specific locale strings based on a key.


Returns a URI based on the specified string.


Sets properties from a specified URI.


Sets the Solar_Uri::$path array from a string.


Sets the query string in the URI, for Solar_Uri::getQuery() and Solar_Uri::$query.